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Alphatek is a leading provider of flyer design and production in Québec.

With over 15,000 pages to our credit, product placement, effective graphic layouts, and the magic of Photoshop have been part of our daily routine for a long time. Whether you choose print or digital formats, you can rely on our unique expertise, creativity, and attention to detail to showcase your brand and offers through impeccable layouts.

CanacA long-term partner in your sales

From its original creation to its weekly production today, Canac's flyer benefits from our keen eye for sales and an approach that considers both the impact of presenting offers and the potential for brand differentiation. Now distributed on the Reebee platform, we have effectively adapted the flyer’s performance for digital platforms.

Patrick Delisle, Marketing Director at CanacPatrick Delisle, Marketing Director at Canac
— Patrick Delisle, Marketing Director at Canac“Alphatek has created one of the most beautiful flyers in the market—just for us!”

CanacSpecial marketing documents tailored to your different niches

While being a well-established hardware store, Canac also offers a range of decoration products that are highly appreciated by their customers. We took on the challenge of showcasing this product segment by creating an inspiring graphic layout for their special marketing documents, which are digitally available on Reebee.

Maude, Alphatek Team MemberMaude, Alphatek Team Member
— Maude, Alphatek Team Member“Creating a high-quality flyer is a team effort. As a graphic designer, I love working closely with our creative pros and Canac's marketing team.”

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