Unleash the potential of your presentations

With a team that has mastered the art of harnessing the full capabilities of PowerPoint and Keynote, we’ll take your presentations to new heights.

Whether it's showcasing your expertise with polished and technically flawless animations or creating functional and aesthetic editable templates, count on us to make it happen. We can even enhance your written content by adding dynamism and impact, ensuring that the story you tell is captivating from beginning to end.

KoremA powerful tool for better sales

Korem is a world-class geospatial expertise company. Wanting to enhance the client presentations of their sales team, they entrusted us with creating an animated PowerPoint presentation with highly impactful content and design.

Jean-Sébastien Guy, President of KoremJean-Sébastien Guy, President of Korem
— Jean-Sébastien Guy, President of Korem“By combining our respective expertise, we have created a high-quality professional PowerPoint presentation for our company, allowing us to unify our sales pitch across the organization. Moreover, the workshops with Alphatek's content and design teams led us to deep reflections on the added value of Korem, in order to both challenge the status quo and establish a discourse that has a strong impact on current and potential clients.”

NexelisProfessional and easily customizable templates

Nexelis, an international private research center in biopharmaceuticals and biotechnology, produces numerous internal presentations annually. The team wanted to have an aesthetic and effective presentation template that was fully customizable and could be easily exported as a printable PDF format. Not only did our team exceed their expectations, but we also did so in a context of utmost confidentiality, given the highly sensitive nature of the content.

DesjardinsMaking a great first impression

Even a new vice-president can benefit from Alphatek's expertise, especially when addressing over 300 employees. With the collaboration of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins, we helped him stand out with an animated presentation inspired by the world of aviation. Our sharp focus on content and visual presentation maximized the dynamism and impact of his message, while also contributing to making a great first impression.

Roxanne, Alphatek Team MemberRoxanne, Alphatek Team Member
— Roxanne, Alphatek Team Member“It is possible to achieve remarkable things in PowerPoint. All it takes is a deep understanding of its features and a great deal of creativity. Our expertise in writing, design, and infographics was put to use for the Fédération des caisses Desjardins. The quality of the final result would not have been possible without this true team effort.”

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