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The strength of your image is directly linked to the authenticity of your message.

Before purchasing what you offer, your customers will first choose you for your purpose. For your brand to inspire in a lasting way, it must be consistent with its essence—who you are and what motivates you. In a spirit of collaboration, our team of strategists, communicators, ideators, and graphic designers works with you to ensure that the soul of your company shines to the fullest.

La Maison des leadersMarking an evolution

La Maison des leaders is a space for slowing down, reflection, and exchanges for leaders in Québec and the French-speaking world. As part of its 20th anniversary, the organization entrusted us with the complete strategic redesign of its brand image and communication tools to highlight its evolution over the years.

Mathieu Legault, Manager of La Maison des leadersMathieu Legault, Manager of La Maison des leaders
— Mathieu Legault, Manager of La Maison des leaders“From the first strategic exploration meetings with Alphatek, I felt that the essence of La Maison was taking shape. And what can I say about the final presentation of our brand image? We were impressed, both by the intelligence and creativity of the outcome and by the team's people-driven approach.”

Hop IPTVA distinctive position

CCAP Cable is a renowned distributor of telecommunications and cable services that wanted to launch a new IPTV service. We created the name of the service, developed its brand image, and conceptualized the initial advertising campaigns that allowed the product to stand out in the market.

GankaA portfolio of brands that drives growth

As a major player in importing workwear, outdoor gear, and sports apparel and accessories, Ganka aimed to boost its business growth by revising its portfolio of brands. We undertook the redesign of around ten existing brands and created new ones. We provided them with a multitude of ideas that led to the creation of impactful brands and packaging for the entire range of brands.

Dominic, Alphatek Team MemberDominic, Alphatek Team Member
— Dominic, Alphatek Team Member“To create, create, and create again. It's the challenge of every creative individual, and despite occasional moments of uncertainty, it's the strength of our team that enables us to triumph every time.”

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