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Publishing is in our DNA. We have been creating books for over 30 years, ranging from general audience books to textbooks in mathematics and science.

Crafting impactful book covers that align with your subject matter, developing visually pleasing interior layouts, and ensuring technically flawless page designs that adhere to established typographic standards are all part of our essence. And thanks to our team's profile, we typically achieve this with more creativity than the average. Whether they are printed or digital, you can trust our expertise to make your books perfect.

La Maison des luciolesWords that bring comfort

La Maison des lucioles is a non-profit organization that provides respite moments for parents of children living with disabilities. It is through this organization that we met Anne-Sophie Van Nieuwenhuyse, who wanted to write a book for all parents who learn that their child has a disability from birth. Together with her, we created a beautifully illustrated and written collection that carries a reassuring message of hope: Tout au bout de la nuit, il y a des Étoiles

Anne-Sophie Van Nieuwenhuyse, auteure et contributrice à la Maison des luciolesAnne-Sophie Van Nieuwenhuyse, auteure et contributrice à la Maison des lucioles
— Anne-Sophie Van Nieuwenhuyse, auteure et contributrice à la Maison des lucioles“L’équipe créative d’Alphatek a su appuyer mes mots de visuels inspirants et pertinents, qui accompagnent à merveille le message d’espoir que je désirais transmettre à mes lecteurs.”

La Maison des leadersA series of books in line with the brand

As part of defining its communication strategy, Maison des leaders explored the possibility of creating a cohesive visual identity for its entire range of books. We envisioned a collection concept that exudes personality and serves as a fitting extension of its brand image.

Les Éditions JFDSchool publications with greater impact

From one publication to another, we bring creativity to the books entrusted to us by Les Éditions JFD, ensuring that their covers effectively capture the essence of the subjects they address. We also provide support to their in-house production team in the layout of school textbooks, adhering faithfully to the publishing standards and working methods they follow.

Angèle, Alphatek Team MemberAngèle, Alphatek Team Member
— Angèle, Alphatek Team Member“Creating a flawless layout for a school textbook is a true technical challenge that requires both great attention to detail and a sense of aesthetics in applying the templates established by our creative team.”

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